Union Pacific Foundation Partners with Crime Stoppers
October 18, 2018

The Union Pacific Foundation presents Midland Crime Stoppers with a grant contribution to help support their Campus Crime Stoppers program.   


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34th Annual Awards Banquet
January 22, 2018

Midland Crime Stoppers held its 34th Annual Award Banquet at the Petroleum Club of Midland on Monday, January 22, 2018. The banquet is held each January during Crime Stoppers Month to honor and recognize local law enforcement.   In attendance were representatives from various law enforcement agencies, as well as, Judges, the District Attorney’s Office, City Council members, the Fire Department and Adult Probation.

The Midland Crime Stoppers ‘Officer of the Year’ award was presented to the following five law enforcement officers from their respective agencies for their outstanding achievements the previous year.    San Jacinto Junior high was recognized as ‘Campus of the Year’ for best utilizing the Campus Crime Stoppers program during the 2016-2017 school year.  

And the David Cobos Award was presented to My Community Credit Union for helping to promote the goals of Crime Stoppers through fundraising, advertising, promotional events and other goal driven activities.    A special Thank You to our Keynote Speaker Mark Nutter with Pioneer Natural Resources, the MPD Color Guard and Jay Hendricks who was the M.C.


Banquet Sponsors:





Officer of the Year Award Recipients:

Sgt. Rosemary Sharp – Midland Police Department 

Deputy John Reese – Midland County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeremy Waechter – U.S. Marshal Service 

Special Agent Chris Goodman – Department of Public Safety

Retired Fire Marshal David Hickman – Midland Fire Department


Campus of the Year Recipient

San Jacinto Junior High School  


COBOS Award Recipient

My Community Credit Union  


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January 02, 2018

January is Crime Stoppers Month and marks the 34th Anniversary of Midland Crime Stoppers!

The Midland County Commissioners and City Council will proclaim January 2018 as Crime Stoppers Month at their respective meetings next week:

• County Commissioner’s meeting to be held on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

• City of Midland City Council meeting to be held on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

We are proud to have served the community and law enforcement for all these years and we look forward to much more. Thank you for helping make Crime Stoppers a successful program in Midland!

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Fall 2017 - 40 Guns in 40 Days Fundraiser
August 23, 2017


· ALL 1,000 tickets have to be sold before the drawings can begin.  We will announce the official start date on our Facebook page and website and all ticket holders will be notified of the official start date via the email they provide.   The daily winners will be notified the day they win using the phone and/or email address they provide.  

· The drawings will be Monday-Friday.  The winning numbers will be in the EXACT ORDER as drawn on the daily Pick 3 Texas Lottery Game at 12:27 p.m.  We will post the daily winning ticket numbers on our Facebook page.  Ticketholders may sign up receive the Pick 3 daily numbers by email or text by signing up at www.txlottery.org; however, it is not required.

· Your ticket(s) will be good for the entire 40 Days! Which means you can WIN more than once if your number(s) come up again on any of the drawing days!

· Winners will claim their prize at Family Armory & Indoor Range, 11100 W Co Rd 72, Midland, TX 79707 #432-279-1777.

· Winners must be 18 years or older (21 years for handgun) and must pass the FBI NICS background check to receive gun. 

· No upgrades allowed.  Any charges, fees, or miscellaneous expenses will be assumed by the winner. 

· Have questions?  Contact Executive Director, Angie Valenzuela at 432-684-9884 or email at: office@midlandcrimestoppers.com



(S) = Shotgun      (P) = Pistol     (R) = Rifle

Day 1   (S) Maverick M88 12ga 28”

Day 2   (P) Ruger LCPII 380 ACP 2.5”

Day 3    (R) Ruger 10/22 Carbine .22LR

Day 4    (S) Stevens M555 Cmpt O/U .410

Day 5    (R)Savage B.Mag .17WSM 22”

Day 6    (R)Savage Axis 7mm-08Rem 20”

Day 7    (P) Kahr P380 .380ACP 2.5”

Day 8    (P) Remington ERP .380ACP 2.9”

Day 9    (S) Beretta A300 Outlander 12ga

Day 10  (P) S&W M&P .40 4.25”

Day 11  (R) Savage B22FV-SR .22 WMR

Day 12  (S) Kel-Tec KSG 12ga 18.5”

Day 13  (R) Savage Rascal Youth .22LR

Day 14  (P) Taurus 85FS .38 Spl +P 2”

Day 15  (P) Heritage Rough Rider .22LR

Day 16  (S) Remington V3 Field Sport 12g

Day 17  (P) S&W SD9VE 9mm 4"

Day 18  (R) Savage B22FVSS .22 WMR

Day 19  (P) S&W M&P9C 9mm

Day 20  (S) Mossberg 500 JIC Patriot 12g

Day 21  (S) Remington V3 Field Sport 12g

Day 22  (P) Glock 19 Gen4 9mm 4"

Day 23  (P) Kahr CT9 9mm 4”

Day 24  (R) Savage 25WV Camo .223

Day 25  (R) Henry US Survival AR-7 .22LR

Day 26  (P) Glock 42 Gen3 .380ACP 3.25”

Day 27  (P) S&W M&P Compact .40  3.5”

Day 28  (S) Remington 870 Exp 12g 28”

Day 29  (R) S&W M&P 15-22 .22LR 18”

Day 30  (P) Springfield XDS Essential 9mm 3.3”

Day 31  (S) Mossberg 500 Field Security 12g 28”

Day 32  (R) Savage B22FV .22LR 21”

Day 33  (R) Savage Axis XP .243 Win 22”

Day 34  (P) Glock 43 Gen3 9mm 3.39”

Day 35 (R) Savage MSR15 Patrol 5.56/.223

Day 36 (R) Savage Axis .243Win 22”

Day 37 (R) Kel-Tec SU-16E 5.56/.223 16”

Day 38 (S) Remington 870 Exp 20g 21”

Day 39 (P) S&W M&P .45ACP 4”

Day 40 (R) Savage 10 Stealth .308 20”


2017 Spring Raffle Fundraiser
May 01, 2017

The winning tickets were drawn earlier this evening at the Bustin' for Badges clay shoot on April 28, 2017. CONGRATS to all the winners! Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket! We appreciate your support!

1st place prize - $1,000 Family Armory & Indoor Range gift card

Michelle Pitts


2nd place prize - $650 Academy Sports gift card

Chris Fuentes


3rd place prize - $300 Woodhouse Day Spa gift card

Nita Harris


4th place prize - $250 Family Armory & Indoor Range gift card

Cheryl Herzberger

Union Pacific Foundation Grant Award presentation
April 04, 2017

Union Pacific awarded grants of five thousand dollars a piece to the Midland County Public Library Foundation, Crime Stoppers of Midland, Keep Midland Beautiful, and the West Texas Food Bank.

We appreciate the Union Pacific Foundation's investment in Midland Crime Stoppers!  The funds will help us continue serving the community and law enforcement in the fight against crime.

33rd Annual Awards Luncheon
January 26, 2017

Midland Crime Stoppers held its 33rd Annual Award Luncheon at the Petroleum Club of Midland on Thursday, January 26, 2017. The luncheon is held each January during Crime Stoppers Month to honor and recognize our local law enforcement. Thank you to our keynote speaker Judge Richard W. Carter (Ret.) with Crime Stoppers USA and Jay Hendricks who was the M.C.


Thank you to our luncheon sponsors who helped to make the annual luncheon a success: 


And CONGRATULATIONS to all the award recipients!

Det. Jose Morales – Midland Police Department 
 Sgt. Margarita Strahan & Inv. Miranda Chavez – Midland County Sheriff’s Office
Oper. Support Specialist Ana de los Rios – U.S. Marshal Service 
Special Agent Cody Allen – Department of Public Safety
San Jacinto Junior High School – Campus of the Year Award
Connie Staton – COBOS Award Recipient




Sgt. Mike Naylor Memorial Scholarship Fund
November 21, 2014

The Midland Crime Stoppers Board of Directors have partnered with the Midland College Foundation to create the Sgt. Michael Naylor Memorial Scholarship Fund.


Sgt. Mike Naylor had a passion for helping his community and took great pride in his law enforcement career; therefore, the Board of Directors wanted to create a long lasting tribute to Sgt. Naylor by establishing a scholarship fund to specifically assist students taking courses in the Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement program at Midland College.  


Midland Crime Stoppers has made an initial investment but we have a minimum goal of $10,000 before distributions can be made.  Any individuals or businesses interested in becoming a donor towards this scholarship may contact Kathy Fletcher 432-685-4526 or Lesley Isaacs at 432-686-4810 with the Midland College Foundation.    



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